Arbitraging -your very own money tree is here.

Hey all, today we will talk about the arbitraging platform and how it provides a very healthy profit of around 24% on average per month.

Not only can it provide an awesome return on investment, but it allows the option of compounding your daily account balance. What compounding means in this context is the actual act of adding your daily profit automatically to your current balance. Once the daily return of investment has been added to the active balance of your account, the next daily percentage will be calculated on the new account balance. That means that each and every day that your account is active in a thing called the aBot, the balance will increase automatically and the daily return of investment will be larger of time.

Below is a screenshot of a compounding calculator in action. As you will see, the initial investment of 2000 dollars with a daily interest rate of 0.7% over a period of 365 days on a 100% auto reinvest should give you a very exciting return of over 25k dollars. Wow, that is a huge return!

screenshot compundailz

If you would like to run your own calculations and discover what investment you  require to live your dreams, buy a home, pay for university or grab that long awaited holiday then head over to

Now, how does work

The Arbitraging platform has created a thing called a bot which is designed to crawl crypto exchanges to look for trades that can be made to earn a small profit. it would be like 2 shops that are both selling a redbull. the difference is that shop number 1 is selling redbull at a lower price than shop 2. You could then in theory, go to shop 1, buy the redbull and sell it to the customers waiting at shop 2 – Therefore, making a small profit.

This bot has been designed to never make a loss but in return, it will only payout up to 1%.

You shouldn’t be worried about a bot, Google use a bot to crawl for data in websites, bing and yahoo are also some of many companies that own bots.

David Peterson, the CEO of Arbitraging has been very busy with the development team. They have created a product known as mBot which should be released in early October 2018. This product has demonstrated a 2% profitable trade in under 1minute and 38 seconds. It is a real game changer for the crypto market and one that I am very keen to get my hands on.

To finish up, arbitraging are leading the way with their aBot and mBot technology. They have many more products in development and they are open about the workings of the business.

If you want to join the platform and start earning some serious returns on any amount of investment, then you can sign-up at

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